"Rev. McNair’s groundbreaking work in developing the Faith, Hope  & Good Mental Health has been an inspiration to other faith leaders in the Interfaith Mental Health Coalition. Such  work is an important contribution to what is going on nationally in comprehensive mental health ministry development." 


Robert Skrocki, past president of Interfaith Mental Health Coalition


"She creates an emotionally and physically safe space for those who want to draw from spiritual strength as they live with mental illness. She focuses on transforming mental illness into mental wellness and spiritual wholeness." 


Rev. Dr. Cheryl Magrini
Past president of the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance national board


"The group process is a powerful way to offer support, build skills, and create a recovery community. FHGMH provides a welcoming environment for people with mental health concerns and for those who care about them. Rev. McNair brings a professional focus and a personal touch to the experiences of sharing, learning and practicing skills, and spiritual discovery."


Susan Langan, MA, NCC, LCPC


Thank you for your ministry of practical love, right where it's needed!

—Shirley Paulson